Charlamagne Says Nicki Minaj Was "Never Banned" From "The Breakfast Club"

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New York, NY – The inimitable Nicki Minaj, who is now the newly coined “Mrs. Petty” on Twitter, made a bold claim on the social media platform this week. On Thursday (August 15), she tweeted she was banned from The Breakfast Club. 

“Charlemagne get so excited when he thinks some1 bout to say smthn negative about me,” she wrote. “that tail get to wagging, that lil pussy get to poppin, he get to giggling. They banned me from the show but always talkn bout me. I’m pullin up cuz we in NY soon. I’d rather be invited tho js.”

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But according to Page Six, Charlamagne says they never banned Nicki from the Power 105.1 FM show and would welcome her anytime.

“There was never a problem with her,” he said. “We never banned her from the radio station. There is not a consequence to what she has said now, or in the past. I don’t know why she is saying that. I would be happy and welcome her to come on the show.”

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Nicki went on a rampage on an episode of Queen Radio earlier this week, calling out everybody from Rick Ross to The Breakfast Club co-host. During her tirade, she accused Charlamagne of leading a Nicki Minaj “hate train,” which he later denied. 

“Nicki and I have had conversations about this via phone call and via text message,” he said. “We’ve had these discussions about this ‘hate train.’ It’s not true. If she wants to believe that and wants her fans to believe that, it’s cool.

“I love Nicki Minaj. Nicki put me on her [Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded album]. Nicki and I always had a solid relationship. It went south when I said ‘Anaconda’ was wack. But the moral of the story is I love Nicki Minaj.”

Nicki is busy promoting her new collaborative single with Pop Smoke called “Welcome To The Party.”

Check it out below.

Source: Hip Hop DX