HipHopDX Addresses Article Regarding Geto Boys & Bushwick Bill's Camp

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HipHopDX has decided to remove a recent article about Scarface and Willie D of the Geto Boys allegedly not paying proper tribute to the late Bushwick Bill at the 2019 Gathering of the Juggalos. After discussing the matter, the editorial team has determined the story was prematurely published.

Sources within Bill’s camp provided information to one of DX’s staff members about what they claimed happened at the event. The person insisted on being anonymous, which caused a problem. DX ran an article based on this source’s information but regretfully didn’t reach out to the surviving members of the Geto Boys or event organizers to get their side of the story before publishing the piece.

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Since then, doubt has emerged about the validity of the source’s claims. Scarface and Willie contacted members of the DX staff contending the article made false accusations, disputing information in the piece.

Video from the event showed the Geto Boys, at the very least, holding a moment of silence. While the original source conceded this moment of silence occurred, they stood by the rest of their allegations, including that a Geto Boys rep prevented Bill’s son from doing a tribute arranged by Gathering of the Juggalo organizers.

Attempts to reach out to event organizers have been unsuccessful. Scarface has rejected requests to provide an official comment. Willie refused to provide a statement on the record but insisted the allegations were false. Due to the source’s unwillingness to publicly take credit for the accusations, DX has decided to remove the article.

Based on the information we’ve received, DX is unable to make a real determination on what the truth is. Without confirmation of the facts, we cannot allow the story to remain on the site.

DX regrets any confusion, mischaracterization or misinformation.

Source: Hip Hop DX