Actress Paula Jai Parker Says Diddy Used To Get Beat Up Back In The Day

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Paula Jai Parker, who played Joi in 1995’s classic comedy Friday, spilled some tea during an interview with VladTV. While speaking to DJ Vlad about fostering relationships in the entertainment industry, the veteran actress revealed she once saw Diddy on the wrong side of a beatdown.

“I met Puffy, he was getting beat up!” she said with a smile. “But we love Puffy. I be like, ‘Leave Puffy alone! I be the first one.”

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Parker added, “Oops,” after Vlad asked her about Diddy getting beat up in the past.

“I thought everybody knew,” she said. “I didn’t know people didn’t know. Sorry Puffy.”

Earlier in the conversation, Parker explained why she didn’t show up in any of the Friday sequels. She also detailed her reasons for turning down a role in Ice Cube’s directorial debut The Players Club.

Watch the interview with Parker above.

Source: Hip Hop DX