50 Cent Instagram Bangs On Jackie Long After He Gets New Gig

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At this point, it’s a well known fact 50 Cent is coming to collect from apparently anyone he’s ever given a loan — and actor Jackie Long is no exception. After Long revealed he landed a new gig at WE tv, Fiddy was quick to put him on blast.

“@jackielong Bum ass done hit the jackpot,” he captioned a photo of Long and television personality Angel Brinks. “angelbrinks getting that TV money on wetv tomorrow at 10pm EST. so now I feel like they owe me, have it by Monday.”

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Long, however, wasn’t amused. He fired back in the comment section, which the Power co-founder promptly screenshot and shared with his 23.8 million Instagram followers.

“I ain’t paying shit,” Long snapped. “I gave you that LIL punk ass money go find something to do and keep me off your damn page. I’m tired of social media shit.”

He added, “Why the fuck I’m on your page bro come on @50cent get the fuck out of here again nigga. Please get the fuck outta here. I don’t need to be on this shit people calling my phone. Were you get the energy for this shit. Night night nigga.”

Across the front of the post, 50 put a big “LOL” across the text and promises it will get “worst” if Long doesn’t cough up the dough.

“everybody calling Jackie again, saying just give him the money fool,” he writes. “The shit only gonna get worst.”

In May, 50 claimed Diddy was going to “kill” Long over an alleged debt, but they apparently settled it.

Source: Hip Hop DX