Young Dro Arrested For Throwing Banana Pudding At Girlfriend

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Atlanta, GA – There are a myriad of ways to get arrested, but throwing banana pudding at someone isn’t high on the list.

But according to TMZ, that’s exactly what happened to Young Dro on July 5 when he was taken into custody for weaponizing banana pudding. During a heated argument at his Atlanta apartment, Dro allegedly threw a plate of the yellow goo at his girlfriend.

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The couple was reportedly fighting over money and decided to start hurling food at each other. The police were eventually called to the scene and when they arrived, the girlfriend said she didn’t want to press charges.

However, the officers arrested Dro anyway and slapped him with two counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence.

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Dro has apparently been in jail ever since. Law enforcement sources say he’s being held on a child support contempt order. Legal documents explain he owes nearly $41,000 in back child support to the mother of his child and must come up with $10,000 of that amount to be released.

The Hussle Gang affiliate claims it’s a clerical error.

Source: Hip Hop DX