Cardi B & Offset Reportedly Drop $400K On Kulture’s 1st Birthday Party

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New York, NY – Cardi B and Offset spared no expense for their daughter Kulture’s first birthday party. The couple reportedly spent $400,000 on the celebration held Saturday night (July 13) in Manhattan.

The theme for the party was Word Party, which is an animated show on Netflix. According to E! News, Kulture received presents such as a Word Party pendant created by Eliantte & Co.

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$7000 was spent on a Venus ET Fleur floral arrangement spelling out Kulture’s name. The party also included a Build-a-Bear workshop.

While the New York City blackout did affect the party, it didn’t stop those in attendance from having a good time. Cardi, who was dealing with a very hoarse voice after all the partying, recapped the event in an Instagram video posted Sunday (July 14).

“Thank y’all so much for coming to Kulture’s birthday party,” she said. “It was so lit that I lost my motherfucking nail. Let me tell y’all something, y’all made it lit because the fact that I had got there, the lights went off in the party. It was like a whole hour with no lights, no music. But it was lit!”

She continued, “It got lit again but with no air conditioner. So we was literally melting, but people were still dancing, having fun. And then the lights came completely back on. But then they came right back off when we was about to cut the cake. And then they cut the lights back on and nobody wanted to leave. And it’s ’cause of y’all. It was such a fun party. Thank you so much.”

Cardi also added some thoughts on the party in the Instagram post’s caption.

“The fact that I wanted my daughter party in 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my fucking luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!!” she wrote. “BITCH THE DEVIL! but WOW how a negative situation turn into a LITUATION !!!

“Omg I had soooooo much fuckin fun and my daughter as well .Thank ya sooo much everybody that came ,I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols.I will be daydream this day for ma long.Ok I’m exhausted nobody hit me till like 2pm.”

Check out more clips from Kulture’s birthday celebration below.

Source: Hip Hop DX