50 Cent Fan Trolls Young Buck In Public Over Alleged Transgender Relationship

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A seemingly aggressive 50 Cent fan pulled up on Young Buck while he was grocery shopping and wanted to talk about his beef with the Power exec.

When Buck politely told him to stop filming him, the person behind the camera got more confrontational and asked about his alleged transexual relationship.

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“What’s up with you and 50,” he asked. “He said you fuckin’ with trannies, is that true? Hold on, we about to scrap. Is that true?”

Buck said off-camera, “I got something in the car,” to which the man replied, “Yeah, I got something in the car, too. I got something in the car, too.”

From there, the video cuts off.

50 has been relentless when it comes to Buck. For months, he’s been publicly terrorizing the G-Unit affiliate for an alleged relationship with a transgender female.

Most recently, Fiddy (or Fofty, as he’s also known) shared a throwback photo of Buck distancing himself from a transgender female.

“Yo this is true, I remember this day,” he wrote on June 6. “and this fool was dating a boy on the low.”

Evidently, 50’s fans now feel comfortable enough to confront Buck in public. According to The Blast, 50 had the confrontation posted to his Instagram page, but it has since been deleted.

Source: Hip Hop DX