Struggle Rapper Almost Fights 50 Cent During His Date Night

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50 Cent is all smiles until someone crosses him. Once that happens, the Power exec will go to any lengths to correct whatever perceived wrongs he comes across — no matter who you are.

One particular struggle rapper learned a valuable lesson this week when he attempted to ambush 50 who was on a date with Black Ink Chicago star Nikki Nicole. The poor, unidentified soul tried to convince Fiddy to listen to his music.

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In a clip posted on social media, 50 asks the guy, “Are you crazy though?”

Throughout their conversation, things seem to escalate with the man begging 50 to look at his Instagram. He finally says, “What? Are you going to hit me because I’m telling you about my talent?”

He adds, “You can hit me. We can fight. Go ahead.”

Then something crazy happens – rather than throw a punch, 50 gives the man some priceless advice.

“This not gonna work,” 50 tells him. “You know why? ‘Cause you stupid. The way you approaching it is wrong. There’s nothing to play right now. You don’t have anything to show me that’s gonna help you. [The man offers his I.D. card.] Showing me your I.D. is gonna help you right now?”

It’s unclear what happened after the clip comes to a stop, but it likely didn’t end with a G-Unit contract.

Source: Hip Hop DX