Cam Johnson & Deniro Farrar Link For "Major Way" Video

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New York, NY – Brooklyn upstart Cam Johnson has connected with his rapping big bro Deniro Farrar in such a major way, they decided to name a song after it.

The record appears on Cam’s debut EP, Camouflage, but the video lives on Farrar’s YouTube channel.

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“I see the game shifting in the playlist direction so instead of us going to blogs and other media outlets to post what we think is dope, why not just start my own,” Farrar says of the strategic move. “We decide what’s hot now, take out the corporate middlemen they aren’t on the ground level or have their ear to the streets like us anyway so me and my team will service artist that deserver to have a proper channel posting their work.”

Well, this particular media outlet recognizes dope tracks where we hear them and without further adieu, watch the “Major Way” video up above and follow @youngsixflags and @leaderofcultrap on Instagram to see what’s next.

Source: Hip Hop DX