T-Pain Denies Being In Open Marriage: "Not Even Close"

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Los Angeles, CA – Anyone who’s ever listened to T-Pain knows his lyrics are often seasoned with sexually-charged content. Take “I’m N Luv (Wit A Stripper)” for example. The song revolves around a man who can’t stop spending stacks of cash at the strip club because he’s so enamored with one of the dancers.

But by the time the song came out in 2005, T-Pain was already a married man. For years, fans have speculated he’s in an open marriage with his wife Amber Najm, something the Grammy Award-winning producer adamantly denies.

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He told People, “It’s definitely not that, not at all, not even close. I wouldn’t even want to do that with a girlfriend, nonetheless my wife.”

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The couple, who have three children together, are coming up on their 16th wedding anniversary. The recent winner of The Masked Singer said he understands what it takes to make a marriage last.

“See things from all sides of the situation, and just try to understand each other rather than try to be the one that’s right,” he explained.

Despite his player type persona, T-Pain’s single greatest joy in life is apparently being able to take care of his family.

“Being able to afford diapers and food — that was a great moment,” he said. “I think that’s always going to be my proudest moment — figuring out how to provide for my family. Awards are always great, but in the long run it doesn’t really say who you are.

“I’m more concerned about my family, my kids and my wife and making sure I can provide.”

Source: Hip Hop DX