Eminem's Publisher Appeals Ruling In New Zealand Copyright Case

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New Zealand – The legal battle between Eminem’s publisher Eight Mile Style and the New Zealand National Party is heading to the country’s Supreme Court. According to Radio New Zealand, legal reps for the publishing company have challenged a ruling by the Court of Appeal that reduced the damages owed by the National Party in a copyright case.

Eight Mile Style originally sued the National Party in 2014 after they used a song that sounded very similar to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” in an election campaign ad. In 2017, a court ruled against the National Party and ordered them to pay $600,000 (around $415,000 in U.S. currency) to Eminem and the publishing company.

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However, the National Party challenge the ruling and an appeals court decreased the damages to $225,000 in December 2018. As a result, Eight Mile Style filed documents to appeal the decision in February.

Eight Mile Style is a publishing company that controls some of Eminem’s early catalog, but he hasn’t been directly involved in the case. A rep for Slim Shady previously revealed his lack of involvement in 2017 when the case was thought to have been settled.

“Eminem was not a party to this lawsuit nor was he consulted regarding the case,” his rep told Variety. “Any monetary settlement he receives from it will be donated to hurricane relief. He encourages the plaintiffs, Eight Mile Style, to do the same.”

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Source: Hip Hop DX