Future Adamantly Denies "No Fatties" Club Rule

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Miami, FL – Twitter was ablaze after a plus-size model accused Future of banning her from a Miami club because of her weight. The Freebandz boss evidently caught wind of the uproar and decided to address the allegations, assuring his fans he doesn’t discriminate.

On Friday (March 1), he tweeted, “STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME…I love all women.”

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The platinum-selling artist doubled down on an Instagram Story with a few simple words.

“Never will I discriminate,” he said. “Never, ever. Ever, ever, ever.”

DJ E Feezy — who was DJing for Future that night —  also weighed in on the situation. In a recent Instagram Story, he accused people of believing “the dumbest shit on planet earth” and placed blame on the Miami promoters. He was adamant Future had nothing do with the club’s “policy.”

“First off, the big girl who said that said the promoter said that,” he explained. “Future said that he didn’t want no big girls in the club and that’s a problem with a lot of Miami promotors in that y’all don’t want big girls in the club. Sometimes y’all barely want black girls in the club and y’all black. Now what happens is, because you blame it on another nigga ’cause you don’t want the big girls in your section now it’s all over the fuckin’ blogs.

“Man up to your own shit, promoters. Just be like, you don’t want big girls in your section because that’s your preference. And I was there and Future walked in the back door of the club, so there’s no way he could say to anyone handling the front door of the club where general admission, even VIP goes and that he don’t want no fat girls in the club. Stop believing that dumb ass shit, man .. that shit just fuckin’ disgusts me.”

The model, who goes by Noa on Instagram, has since launched a #EveryBODYclubs initiative and still stands by her original sentiment. In another Instagram Story, she said the whole situation has really “hurt her heart.”

Source: Hip Hop DX