Nas Seeking To Have Kelis Found For Contempt In Court

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According to a new report by The Blast, Kelis had violated her custody agreement with Nas an alarming 17 times since January of 2018. However, her latest breach is allegedly a step too far, and now Esco wants Kelis found in contempt of court.

Their pre-defined agreement would have allowed Nas to spend New Year’s Eve with her son, however Kelis, without any prior disclosure, relocated to Cartagena, Colombia. She allegedly told Nas she would return January 4, but failed to return to the states until the January 14 — during which time he was unable to reach or speak to his son.

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According to Nas, Kelis told him she has no intentions of leaving Columbia and plans to work on Bounty Farms-La Soledad, a sustainable farm project in Quindio (Colombia) with her husband — a Colombian native.

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So, this is the beginning! You have seen some posts on @bountyandfull … We have now officially launched BOUNTY FARMS- LA SOLEDAD a sustainable farm project in Quindio, Colombia. A beautiful property nestled in the middle of one of the most desired coffee regions in the world. My friend Lalo @alejandrohoyosvallejo and his amazing family @julianhoyosvallejo @sebashoyosvallejo have given me and @bountyandfull a beautiful canvas to paint on. We have so many mini projects within this big, big project, that we are taking on over 100 acres of land filled with bamboo forests, running streams, over 500 species of birds, horses, cattle, colorful homes, coffee, coffee, and more coffee: tradition at it’s finest. Created and curated by us for the world. This is the future of this sacred land and its people. Stay tuned for our journey! Pictured here with our 🍅’s #itsalifestyle #kelis #farmlife #coffee #colombia #thefuture #quindio

A post shared by Bounty Farms- La Soledad (@bountyfarmslasoledad) on Jan 16, 2019 at 1:00pm PST

She also allegedly took their son out of private school, with plans to instead homeschool him.

Kelis is accused of willfully violating their custody order and refusing to pay $8,000 in overdue sanctions.

A hearing has been set for this upcoming April. You can see a series of text messages Nas included in his court filing, here.

This past September, Nas took to Instagram for an epic confessional, airing out his rocky relationship with the singer. “I don’t care what else she has left to say unless it concerns our son … despite all of this I still hope for the best for her because whats best for her is what’s best for knight,” he wrote.

Source: Hip Hop DX