Funk Flex Accuses Dame Dash Of Stealing "JAY-Z's Girl" Aayliah Following Nick Cannon Interview

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Funk Flex hurled some wild accusations at Dame Dash following the Roc-A-Fella co-founder’s appearance on Nick Cannon’s video show, Cannon’s Class. 

During Cannon’s conversation with Dash, Cannon brought up Foxy Brown and JAY-Z’s relationship. Dash got noticeably agitated and dodged any questions about it. Instead, he said Cannon would have to ask Hov.

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50 Cent caught wind of Dash’s interview and wrote on Instagram, “Dame is a real sucker for this, he trying to get jay jammed up. This show should be called 2 suckers chatting class.”

Funk Flex followed suit and ultimately got into it with the Wild ‘N Out host — but not before claiming Dash stole Aaliyah from Jay.

“Rest in Peace to the Beautiful Aaliyah-That was Jayz lady first,” he wrote. “Dame did a snake move… tell me I’m lying u piece of shit! @duskoppington … @nickcannon know that was Jayz girl first … 2 fucking tricks that chicks been jerking FOR YEARS!

“that why the ROC crumbled you was touching Jayz chick (Remember the house in the Hamptons).”

Cannon replied, “@funkflex Let’s Go bigger little fella! Tell your Boss to call me! #MediaMogul.”

Flex snapped back, “@nickcannon hahahah! U a complete clown/pussy busy sniffing/sucking grown man cock about who cats touch with a washed up mogul @duskopoppington!!! You ain’t hip hop with a towel on your head! No need for a meeting u know where I’m at!”

Cannon later hopped on Instagram to share a screenshot of Flex’s DMs to him and insinuated they could fight it out.

“I’m gonna dedicate my energy directly to u,” Flex wrote. Cannon responded, “Please do!!! Just spoke your Boss too! He’s excited. Streets is watching too tough guy! Let’s set it up!”

Across the screenshot, Cannon wrote, “Whoo this is getting Exciting!! Should I keep it Corporate or take it to the Street? LOL.”

Check out Cannon’s screenshot below.

Source: Hip Hop DX