Hip Hop Week In Review: R. Kelly Documentary Series Sparks Outrage & Lawsuit Threat

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HipHopDX – This week in Hip Hop, Lifetime’s docu-series Surviving R. Kelly aired and made waves on social media. Also, Layzie Bone unleashed another diss track aimed at Migos titled “Annihilation.” Lastly, Diddy reportedly believes Cassie is dating personal trainer Alex Fine to hurt him.

“Surviving R. Kelly” Doc Airs Despite Lawsuit Threat

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R. Kelly has reportedly threatened to sue the Lifetime Television Network for the Surviving R. Kelly docu-series that premieres on Thursday (January 3). According to TMZ, the R&B star wants the series pulled or he will take legal action. Attorney Brian Nix, who fired off a legal letter, alleges Surviving R. Kelly is brimming with lies. Nix plans to file a federal lawsuit Thursday if the network airs the show. Over the past year, Kelly has been accused of running a sex cult and having several inappropriate sexual relationships, all of which he’s denied. Follow @HipHopDX for more on this, and log on to HipHopDX.com for Hip Hop & More!

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Surviving R. Kelly began airing Thursday night (January 3) on Lifetime even though Kelly’s legal team threatened the network with a lawsuit.

The docu-series exposed Kelly for his inappropriate sexual relationships with underage girls and the abuse that women in his life endured, while also examining how so many young black girls ended up in the hands of a predator over the years. Though many A-list stars who have worked with Kelly declined to go on record and denounce the R&B singer, John Legend had no problem doing so, referring to him as a “serial rapist.”

During the first two episodes, Kelly’s relationship with the late Aaliyah was detailed and a forged marriage certificate surfaced online soon after, showing her age was listed as 18 years old when she was actually only 15 at the time.

Despite the controversy, Kelly’s music has seen an increase in streams since the series began.

Read more about Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly doc here.

Layzie Bone Continues Migos Feud With New Diss

Layzie Bone isn’t done flaming Migos. The Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member released another diss track titled “Annihilation.”

His previous diss, “Let Me Go Migo,” was described as “wack” by 21 Savage, but this new cut is seemingly another attempt to keep the drama going.

Listen to Layzie’s “Annihilation” here.

Cassie Moves On From Diddy With Personal Trainer He Hired

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIaiC0trGG0?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

Cassie has rebounded from her breakup with Diddy by dating Alex Fine, a personal trainer he hired for her.

Sources told People Magazine that Diddy believes Cassie made the move to hurt him knowing he’s still grieving over her and the mother of his children, Kim Porter, who passed away last November.

“If there is anyone who knows how absolutely devastated Diddy has been since Kim’s death, it’s Cassie,” an insider told People. “He can’t believe she feels the need to post pictures with her new guy. It’s like she did it to upset Diddy more. The whole situation is just ridiculous. There is just no need to post pictures on social media at this point. Diddy is having enough of a hard time.”

Read more about Cassie and Diddy here.

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Candice Craig Debuts New Single “Bands Up” At NYE Soireé & Shares The Secret To Getting Yours Up In 2019

As a former member of Def Jam-signed pop group Girls United, Candice Craig is not new to the music scene at all. But now, she’s got her eyes set on becoming a solo artist. She brought in 2019 with her new single “Bands Up” and explained to HipHopDX writer Cherise Johnson how anyone can get their money up in the new year.

“Really believe in yourself even when they tell you it’s not possible,” she told DX. “That, I feel like, is the key to life. You have no boundaries ever. Don’t let anyone tell you that. 25 no’s for one yes. When you remember that ratio you will win. It is what it is. Not everyone is going to believe in you and ‘Bands Up’ is about being a boss bae, owning up to it, getting your own money, your own happiness and love. ‘Bands Up’ is universal and I feel like it’s something that all men need to hear, all women need to hear, everybody. Believe in yourself and it’ll all happen.”

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“Bird Box” Cast Discusses Fear, Inspiration & Family

DX writer Bernadette Giacomazzo got the opportunity to speak to the cast and crew of Netflix’s blockbuster film Bird Box. The meme-friendly movie was produced by Christopher Morgan, who explained why he had to turn the book it’s based on into a movie.

“When I first read the book, I couldn’t put it down,” Morgan explained. “It’s really gripping from the main character’s point of view, and from the point of view that it was a ‘thriller’ of a novel. But more than anything else, it was all about someone facing their fears head-on, and that’s the point I wanted to make with the film.”

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