Chris Stokes Denies Sexual Child Abuse Allegations In Wake Of B2K Reunion

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Los Angeles, CA – Former B2K manager Chris Stokes felt the need to defend himself against the decade-old alarming allegations as the group’s reunion tour picks up buzz.

For the uninitiated, the once powerful music industry mogul was accused by his cousin and B2K member Raz-B of sexual assault in 2007, thus shattering all hopes the group would stay intact after lead singer Omarion went solo in 2004.

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A few years later, a video with Raz-B and past American Idol contestant Quindon Tarver recounting disturbing details over a phone call surfaced. During the nearly seven-minute clip, both Stokes and former R&B star Marques Houston were accused to have “stuck dicks in booty holes” to the point when rectums began to bleed.

“I used to have fuck Chris all the time,” Raz exclaimed during the time. “He’s what you call an incest perpetrator, dog. Someone’s who’s close to you like a father figure who will straight mislead you and take advantage of you.”

Both singers also went the extra mile in describing the alleged specifics of Houston’s penis to validate their claims.



Naturally, mention of Stokes’ name in light of the B2K reunion fanfare couldn’t be avoided. But the 53-year-old closed out the year denying the allegations and even sharing ticket sale information.

“Negativity I will never play into,” he passionately tweeted and blogged on December 31. “I never hurt any of B2K & Always had their best interest at heart including financially. I forgive any negative energy or tweets! God forgives and so do I. They back! Now stay positive in 2019 & Go get your tix! Enjoy them being back! Much love!”

Houston has yet to speak publicly on the matter as of late, instead opting to retweet all of Stokes’ tweets on the subject.

Tickets for the 25-city went on sale today (January 4).

Source: Hip Hop DX