Nick Cannon Says Gucci Mane Once Offered To “Handle” Eminem During Beef

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Nick Cannon sat down with VladTV where he was asked about Gucci Mane’s recent comments regarding Eminem. In an interview with Ricky Smiley last month, the East Atlanta Santa disputed Em’s title as the king of rap. 

The Wild N’ Out host previously had a contentious relationship with Slim Shady. In 2009, his then-wife Mariah Carey, who allegedly dated Em at one point, put out a diss track aimed at Shady called “Obsessed.” Cannon recalled a time when Gucci was ready to take care of things for him.

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“Man I love Gucci,” he says in the clip. “When me and Eminem had that so-called beef and that whole thing with Mariah, he was one of the first people like, ‘Hey bro, we can go handle it.’ Gucci said we gonna handle it. Who was on the ‘Obsessed’ record with Mariah? Gucci Mane … listen to his verse! If you listen to his verse, he talkin’ that shit like, ‘Yo, it can happen.’ Gucci about that smoke.”


Elsewhere in the conversation, Cannon discusses Gucci in further detail and insists he’s not a bully, but people know “not to mess with him.” He also says nobody really views Em as a “tough guy.”

“I don’t even think he ever came off as tough guy,” he says. Even when there was so-called beef, which we didn’t really have no beef. It was like, it was just comical to me when people would be like, ‘Eminem gonna kick your ass.’ It’s like really? Have you ever seen Eminem in person?”


But ultimately, Cannon disagrees with Gucci. He praised Eminem for his MCing abilities but also credits part of his success to his skin color.

“You cant knock the fact that he’s one of the kings of rap,” he says. “His ability is second to none. He’s definitely gonna go on the Mount Rushmore of Rap as one of the kings. Part of the reasons is because he’s white. Let’s just keep it where it is.

“But he’s Elvis Presley. He’s the guy that took it to another level that no other black man could take it to because he was white, but his skills spoke for himself. You cannot negate his ability.”

Check out Cannon’s interview up top and revisit Gucci’s comments below.

Source: Hip Hop DX