Fashion Nova Sued For Allegedly Jacking Designs

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Los Angeles, CA – Fashion Nova, one of the most searched fashion brands on Google (endorsed by female celebrities like Cardi B, Cassie, and Amber Rose) has come under fire — again — for allegedly stealing designs.

According to a report by The Blast, Los Angeles-based brand Riot Society is claiming that the fashion giant (blatantly) ripped off their copywritten “Panda Rose” design for their “Always Love” design.

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Following an ignored cease-and-desist letter, Riot Society has officially filed a lawsuit seeking $150,000 per infringement, and are additionally looking to collect on any profit made from the use of the designs.

Riot Society

Fashion Nova has been publicly accused of design jacking numerous times already this year.  Notably — this past summer — Jai Nice, the owner of the online boutique Kloset Envy, accused the brand of purchasing one of her hoodies, extracting ideas from it, then sending it back for a refund.

“@Fashionnovayou make enough money, you culture vulture,” Nice wrote via Instagram. “You need to stop before I start dropping the real tea how you telling manufacturers to not work with certain companies because you don’t like them, and how you wanna put other companies outta business. Stop f*king with the Black community. You ain’t gonna keep getting away with this shit.”

Source: Hip Hop DX