Meek Mill, French Montana & Lil Baby All Give Their Tekashi 6ix9ine 2 Cents

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Tekashi 6ix9ine’s arrest and indictment for racketeering charges have made him a frequent topic in interviews as of late. Meek Mill, French Montana and Lil Baby are among the rappers who’ve addressed the controversial figure’s legal troubles, sharing sympathetic views and using 6ix9ine’s situation as a lesson for others.

During an appearance on Power 106’s The Cruz Show, Meek Mill explained how 6ix9ine put out bad energy and it came back to bite him.

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“I used to always want to tell that kid you give out that certain kind of energy,” the Dreamchasers leader said. “You give out that energy and that energy actually comes back. He was kinda on that energy, so I guess this is his path in life that put him in the energy that he was giving out. So, I don’t never wanna see nobody in that type of situation but this that gangsta shit right here.”


Meek, who became a symbol for criminal justice reform during his recent stint in prison, saw 6ix9ine’s arrest as a learning opportunity for others. The Philly-bred rhymer warned up-and-coming rappers about associating themselves with the wrong people.

“It’s another message to all the other younger rappers that’s coming up too,” he stated. “Watch who you surround yourself around too coming up. Having 50 people around you and two people got a job, it means nothing. It can get you in a lot of trouble that everybody don’t make it out. Not saying that he won’t make it out of his situation, but it could get you in a lot of trouble. It’s hard to make it out.”

In an interview with Real 92.3’s Bootleg Kev and DJ Hed, French Montana recalled how received the same message that Fat Joe gave 6ix9ine and avoided getting caught up in trouble as a result. But Montana also said he understood why 6ix9ine wasn’t able to follow Joe’s advice.

“I don’t blame 6ix9ine ’cause once you start getting the bag, it’s hard for you when you just came from like, you can’t afford to even support your family,” he noted. “Then you start getting the bag and then it’s just like everybody’s coming at you because whatever situation it is. Now, you feel like you gotta protect yourself. Now, you feel like you gotta let the vibe be known that you really that guy.”


Elsewhere, a conversation between Lil Baby and Hot 97’s Nessa showed the lonely existence that 6ix9ine faces while battling RICO charges. Despite Lil Baby wishing the best for his collaborator, the Quality Control artist revealed he had no plans to check in on 6ix9ine.

“I don’t need to be talking to nobody in jail,” he bluntly said.


6ix9ine was arrested on November 18 and has remained behind bars after being denied bail. His trial is scheduled to begin on September 4, 2019.

Source: Hip Hop DX