Black Man Has Cops Called On Him After Rapping JAY-Z “99 Problems” Lyric

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Spring Hill, TN – Davon Eddington was simply enjoying a beer and talking to his brother on the phone in the backyard of his Spring Hill, Tennessee home when things went south. As the two chopped it up about the Lakers and LeBron James, Eddington casually quote the JAY-Z lyric, “I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.”

A neighbor overheard his comment and concluded he was beating his wife who was upstairs at the time taking a bath. According to reports obtained by TMZ, police were dispatched to the scene with their guns drawn.

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The situation was under control quickly once officers realized it was a huge misunderstanding.

Eddington explained how the incident went down in a video shared by TMZ.

“I end up walking around to the front of my house and I end up being met by police with guns drawn,” he says. “And another officer came running like, ‘No, no no, this is not how it happened. We kinda heard the conversation and he’s been on the phone the whole time.’

“It was like, ‘We apologize. It seems like you’ve been swatted.’”

Now, that’s a problem.

Source: Hip Hop DX