Chika Ethers BET For Faulty Hip Hop Awards Cypher Edit

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With the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards in the rearview, evidently there are still some residual effects festering behind the scenes. Burgeoning Alabama-bred artist Chika, who participated in one of the cyphers, took her frustrations to Twitter early Saturday morning (October 20).


Notably, Chika’s name wasn’t included in the original cypher’s title, which would irk anyone.

“My story isn’t over,” she wrote. “Tonight reminded me that. thank you @BET for fucking my head up bc i know this will fuel my next chapter. you stole my moment w/ editing and then called ‘And More’ in the title.

“imma be so much ‘more’ than yall ever expected.”

Not long after that tweet, a fan replied with BET “chopped your shit.”

Chika explained, “Then fixed it after we saw it at the taping and demanded they fix it. SENT US a copy of what it was supposed to sound like in the first place and STILL aired their fucked up version. gotta be intentional.”

Nearly 12 hours later, Chika returned with the full version of the awards show cypher backed by none other than Erykah Badu. 

“if you want something done right, do it yourself,” she wrote on Twitter. “i present to you the correct edit, by yours truly. happy to finally be heard.”

During Chika’s diatribe, she still showed respect to the other women who participated in the cypher alongside her — like a boss.

“Every girl busted their ass and has worked to be where they are,” she wrote. “I love all of them.”

Source: Hip Hop DX