Joe Budden Says He Didn't Run From Offset — He Just Had To Pee

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On another turbo-fueled episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, the ever-opinionated host set the record straight on a situation involving Offset and his wife Cardi B. 

It all kicked off during a recent episode of State Of The Culture, when the media personality made a comment about Cardi and declared she “had no room for mistakes” in terms of her legal situations.

Naturally, the Migos rapper came to her defense and started going at Budden on social media. He claimed he saw Budden at a bookstore but the Slaughterhouse vet hid from him out of fear.

“I watched ya show u a grown ass nigga speaking on women I seen u in Barnes and u ran like I was gone do sum to you lol,” he said on Instagram. “U a hoe ass Nigga soon u get touched u gone be police.”

Budden denies that ever happened and said he simply had to use the bathroom.

“I don’t know why I still think I’m the guy that can hold a piss,” Budden explained on his podcast. “He saw me, I didn’t see him.”

He also insisted he has nothing but love for Cardi. 

“I don’t know why Offset is upset ’cause I’m a Cardi fan,” he said around the 2:26-minute mark. “I love Cardi I’m not about to beef with a nigga over his wife that I love. I thought that was our common ground [laughs]. I was saying Cardi was too big a superstar to behave that way ’cause people have it out for her period.”

He added, “She is great and amazing and I want her to continue to be here. I don’t want to lose her to police, to jail, to hatin’ bitches. New York is rocking right now, and Cardi’s a big part of that.”

Watch the clip above. 

Source: Hip Hop DX