Hopsin & Joyner Lucas Exchange Twitter Smoke — & They Need More People

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If the Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly rivalry wasn’t enough for the Hip Hop community to digest, Hopsin and Joyner Lucas are now evidently engaged in their own online beef.

On Thursday (September 20), a fan asked Hopsin if he thought he could win a battle against Joyner Lucas to which Hopsin replied, “That’s a dumb question that I’m sure you already know the answer to.”

Lucas posted the exchange to his Twitter account with the caption, “Hold up. @hopsin wtf is that supposed to mean???”

He later added, “@hopsin Don’t do it to yourself bro.”

Naturally, Hopsin snapped back on Friday morning (September 21) and dissed Logic in the process.

“Stay in your lane bro @joynerlucas,” he wrote. I’m not @Logic301 ….I will break you soul. #AndIPutThatOnEverythang.”

Hopsin and Lucas were both involved with Eminem’s Kamikaze album — one more directly than the other. Lucas teamed up with Shady on the track “Lucky You,” which kicked off the whole Em-MGK beef, while Hopsin’s name was dropped on the track “Fall.”

Some people believe this whole interaction between Hopsin and Lucas is fake and will lead to a collaboration between the two artists. Only time will tell. 

Source: Hip Hop DX