J. Cole Tears Up Addressing Mac Miller's Death During KOD Show

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Las Vegas, NV – J. Cole couldn’t contain his emotions during a KOD Tour stop in Las Vegas on Sunday night (September 9). Cole dedicated his entire show to the late Mac Miller who passed away from a suspected drug overdose on Friday (September 7).

Right before the Dreamville boss performed “Love Yourz” off 2014 Forest Hills Drive, he addressesd Miller’s passing and situations that can lead to substance abuse issues. He encouraged the audience to talk about their “shit.”

“Every day Vegas, people die,” he began. “Today, yesterday or tomorrow, they die and they never got a chance to deal with they shit. They never he knew they was supposed to. Well, I’m telling you this tonight Vegas. I’m not tryna wait ’til I die to deal with my shit.

“I’m tryna deal with my shit right fuckin’ now, I ain’t tryna wait ’cause I know if I don’t deal with it, it’s gon’ keep fucking with me; it’s gon’ keep throwing me off track.”

He continued, “I got this song right now I want to do for y’all … Put y’all cell phones in the fuckin’ sky right now for my nigga Mac Miller. We gonna do this whole song for him. This whole show is for him.”

A zoomed in clip of Cole’s face shows tears welling up in his eyes as he talks about drug addiction.

“How many people in here know about the root of all evil?” he says. “How many people know about that? They make it so you can’t live without it.”

Cole’s latest album, KOD, revolves around the topic of addiction. The day Miller died, Cole shared a heartfelt post to his Instagram account, encouraging people to open up about their issues.

“This is a message for anybody in this game that’s going through something,” he wrote. “If you don’t feel right, if you feel you have a substance problem, if you need a ear to vent to. If you uncomfortable talking to people around you. Please reach out to me.”

Miller was 26 at the time of his death. He was scheduled to tour with Thundercat and J.I.D next month in support his last album, SWIMMING. 

A vigil is being held on Tuesday (September 11) at Blue Slide Park in his hometown of Pittsburgh. 

Source: Hip Hop DX