Young Buck On Transgender Viral Video Rumors: "Ain't Shit Gay About Me"

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Following the rumors that arose from a viral video posted by a hacked account over the weekend, claiming to show G-Unit member Young Buck involved in a sexual act with a transgender woman, the Nashville MC took to Instagram to clear the air. “Let me address this real fast real quick … ain’t shit gay about me,” he said.

“I ain’t got a problem with no gay people,” he continued, “[but] there ain’t no motherfuckin’ tape of no motherfuckin’ punk sucking my dick.”

The clip in question, originally posted by a transgender woman who goes by the name GlamourPurfek, didn’t show Buck’s face — and failed to conclusively prove much beyond some alleged back-and-forth social communication and that he also owned the same jacket seen in the short clip.

GlamourPurfek posted a video on Sunday (September 3) apologizing to Buck — who she referred to by first name — and his family, and goes on to explain that the account was hacked after she provided her login details to an acquaintance to help get her verified. She also added that legal charges are being brought against the unnamed individual.


In his response, Buck seemed to be the most irritated by the series of videos posted by past collaborator and fellow Nashvillian Cub da CookUpBoss, the most vocal to run with the “Young Buck gay” narrative.

“Since you want to jump on the Instagram and play all these old gangsta ass roles like you that, why don’t you pull up and keep that same energy nigga,” Buck said, addressing Cub da CookUpBoss. “You give me the location, and I’ll give you the location.”

Cub quickly responded via Instagram Live, noting “your goons ain’t like my goons … they don’t play that shit,” while doubling down on his earlier comments.


The clip that started this war of IG words can be seen down below.

Source: Hip Hop DX