Wifisfuneral Mocks Stitches' Tattoos & Calls Him A "Coke Head" Amid Brewing Beef

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Wifisfuneral and Stitches are apparently embroiled in a battle over who’s Florida’s “underground king.” After the controversial rapper saw a video of XXXTENTACION saying Stitches ran Florida’s underground Hip Hop scene, Wifi allegedly disputed that claim.

Consequently, on Friday (June 29), Stitches issued a stern warning to Wifi via Instagram, saying he’d “snap him like a Kit-Kat.”

“You 140-pound salamander faggot-ass muthafucka,” he says in the clip. “Who the fuck do you think you’re talkin’ to?

A mere hour later, Wifi fired back with an Instagram video of his own, mocking not only Stitches’ face tattoos but also his entire persona.

While imitating Stitches — additional face-tats and all — Wifi says, “Muthafucka I’ll break you like a twig nigga. I will break you like a twig. Don’t you know that I throw fake cocaine into a fucking a crowd? I started this Florida shit. I’m a fucking coke head. I want smoke with a 21-year-old because I’m not fucking relevant. Yeah, brother!”

Stitches replied to Wifi’s comments in yet another Instagram video and says he got “intel” that Wifi wants to play him in a game of Smackdown vs. Raw.

In the caption, he wrote, “I’ll take you up on your bet. And Stop using the excuse that you’re 21 years old I’m 23 you fool.”

Wifi has yet to respond to Stitches’ latest video. He’s been busy promoting his latest album, Ethernet Vol. 1, which he released earlier this month.

Meanwhile, Stitches just dropped his “Dope Boy” single last week. 

Source: Hip Hop DX