The Game Threatens To Kill 3 Men Who Allegedly Tried To Burglarize His Home

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Los Angeles, CA – While The Game was attending the 2018 BET Awards festivities on Saturday (June 23), he was almost the victim of a burglary.

According to a recent Instagram post from the Los Angeles rap heavyweight, three men were caught on camera attempting to break into his California home. In the caption, he not only explains what happened but also vows to take drastic action if he ever catches them.

“So this past Saturday night, 3 niggas thought they could catch me slippin while I was out enjoying #BETweekend festivities & attempt to burglarize my home,” he writes. “These niggas was on the ground checking the windows & doors for sensors & once they saw house was secure, & my 2 Rottweilers were in the crib they aborted mission.”

He continues, “#BETWeekend is over & I’ll be home waiting so please come back tonite so I can put all three of you niggas in caskets for even thinking I’m the nigga that’s gone let you violate my home & leave breathing !!!! A place where my children lay their heads at night will never be disrespected on my watch !!! If & when you come back ‘I’M KILLING ALL THREE OF YOU NIGGAS ON SIGHT’ !!! So if you wanna lose your life over some Xbox’s & A few TV’s…. by all means, pull up & hop that gate again… ME & DRACO WILL BE WAITING !!!!!”

The Game’s hashtags indicate he’d rather go back to jail than let people violate his home.

On the music front, the “Hate Or Love It” rapper is working on finishing his next album. The project will serve as the follow-up to 2016’s 1992. 

Source: Hip Hop DX