Beyoncé Buys 100-Year-Old Church In New Orleans

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Beyoncé has acquired a 7,500 square-foot church in New Orleans, according to TMZ.

The stone-structured church was built in the early twentieth century and listed for $850,000, though it’s unclear whether or not Queen Bey paid the full asking price.

The place of worship — which isn’t far from the home of Beyoncé’s younger sister Solange — has been out of commission for a number of years due to its members passing away, TMZ reports.

Beyonce church

Meanwhile, in San Francisco, an episcopal church put on “Beyoncé Mass” in April, which brought out almost 1,000 people.

Grace Cathedral held the mass as part of their weekly worship series intended to uplift the experiences of women and appeal to young worshippers. The service featured a sermon about liberation struggle, readings from a speech by civil rights leader Ella Baker, scripture readings by black women, a traditional communion, and the singing of Beyoncé songs, according to Mother Jones.

Source: Hip Hop DX