Did Kanye West Just Inspire “Get Out 2”?

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Just over two months ago, Jordan Peele revealed during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that a sequel to his massively successful Get Out was definitely on the table.

“I will seriously consider it,” he said. “I love that universe … I feel like there are more stories to tell.”

At the time, he noted that he had yet to conceptualize what a sequel could or would entail. However, a burst of inspiration may have just come from an unlikely source: Kanye West.

Peele himself explained the sunken place — the major plot point of Get Out — via Twitter last year, although the film portrays a much more elaborate version of the concept.

Kanye first brought up the sunken place over the weekend, noting that he had left it to produce the albums he proclaimed are dropping in May and June. Many fans weren’t convinced, considering his erratic behavior.

One writer, Morgan Elise Johnson of The Triibe, wrote an editorial back in March (before Ye’s return to Twitter) that explored the idea that not only was Kanye in the sunken place, but that Get Out is an adaptation of Kanye West’s life.

So far, it remains to be seen if Kanye is one camera flash away from momentary freedom, or whether Peele is feverishly pounding keys with new-found inspiration, but at least one intrepid meme-maker has already started the promotional posters.

Source: Hip Hop DX