Nelly Dubs The D.O.C. Hip Hop's Biggest "What If"

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The D.O.C. had his burgeoning rap career cut cruelly short in 1989 after a near-fatal accident left him unable to speak. The Fila Fresh Crew member was forced to retire, leaving the Dr. Dre-produced No One Can Do It Better the sole album in his catalog.

In a new Instagram video posted Friday (March 16), Nelly called the Dallas MC Hip Hop’s biggest “what if.”

“Listen, I know a lot of people got they own opinions about Hip hop but the biggest what if in Hip Hop has to be The D.O.C.,” he said. “It has to be. The D.O.C. has to be the biggest what if in Hip Hop history. Like if you know anything about Hip Hop and you research it … I love all my young niggas. I don’t knock y’all. I support all my young brothers but the biggest what if has to be D.O.C.

“One album — that’s all you got. One album. I would say Biggie but Biggie at least got off two albums and we all recognize him as being one of the greatest but the biggest what if is The D.O.C. nigga. Do your research.”

The D.O.C., who appeared in the HBO series The Defiant Ones, sought out voice therapy in 2009 and was able to speak.

After the release of Straight Outta Compton, he said he’d recorded new music but wasn’t ready to release anything yet.


Source: Hip Hop DX