"Non Perishables Vol. 4" Brings Together West Coast Battle Rap's Elite

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With the release of Non Perishables Vol. 4, some of West Coast battle rap’s premiere talent has come together on one album. From Okwerdz, to Illmaculate, to Marv Won, to Sahtyre, Non Perishables Vol. 4 comes fully loaded with 22 tracks that feature a slew of contributors from the battle rap scene, both past and present.

Los Angeles battle rap maven Lush One, who serves as co-executive producer and who features heavily on the album, expressed his enthusiasm for the project.

“If you wanna hear classic lyricism over modern production that isn’t embarrassing to listen to.. Slap dis,” Lush told DX.

“We are in an era of predominately solo artists in Hip Hop,” he further explained. “This is so they don’t have to split the money more & shit. I missed albums with helluv different styles weaving in and out of each other but in a modern context with updated slap.. That’s why we made #np4.”

Presented by 667 and Fresh Coast, Non Perishables Vol. 4 is mixed and produced by regular Illmaculate collaborator Chase Moore.

Many of the contributors premiered the project live on the Ruin Your Day battle rap media channel.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6zFXD7X3fM?feature=oembed&w=500&h=281]

Check out the stream, cover art, and tracklist for Non Perishables Vol. 4 below or on Bandcamp.

 Non Perishables Vol. 4

1. Count It Up f. Pistol McFly, Chase Moore, illmac, Lush One, Fredo & Sahtyre
2. One Eye Open f. Bobby Bucher, Dirtbag Dan & Chase Moore
3. Kult Code f. Chase Moore, Lush One & illmac
4. Fade Out f. Chase Moore, Bobby Bucher & Lush One
5. Whole Thing f. Bigg K, Bobby Bucher, Lush One & Fredo
6. Gucci Satin Sheets f. Pistol McFly, Lush One, Chase Moore, Okwerdz & Bobby Bucher
7. Got Mine f. Pass, Lush One, Okwerdz & Mac Mall
8. Hella On f. Sahtyre, Marv Won & Fredo
9. Baggage Claim f. Pistol McFly, Lush One, Chase Moore & Bobby Bucher
10. Seven Figures f. illmac, Chase Moore, Fredo & Lush One
11. White Lies f. Lush One & Bobby Bucher
12. Way Out f. Bigg K, Bobby Bucher & illmac
13. Where I’m From f. Bobby Bucher, The Saurus, Fredo, Chase Moore, Reverse Live & Frak
14. Donation f. Lush One, Dirtbag Dan, iIlmac & Fredo
15. Squadied Up f. Pistol McFly, Fredo, Lush One, Chefboybonez & Okwerdz
16. Pulitzer Prize f. Chase Moore, Dirtbag Dan, Fredo & illmac
17. Stall ’em Out f. Lush One, Fredo & Chase Moore
18. The Next Dose f. Lush One, Okwerdz, Chase Moore & Sahtyre
19. Feeling Numb f. Bobby Bucher, Lush One, Chase Moore & Fredo
20. Yickage f. Chase Moore, Lush One & illmac
21. They Treat Me f. Pistol McFly, Fredo, Lush One & Bobby Bucher
22. David Lynch Hung f. Cadalack Ron & Lush One

Source: Hip Hop DX