T.I. Says He Confronted Tory Lanez About Megan Thee Stallion Shooting, Here's What He Said

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T.I. recently spoke to Complex about a myriad of topics, including Kanye West, his new series with 50 Cent and the single “Ring” featuring Young Thug. During the conversation, he also revealed he’d confronted Tory Lanez about the Megan Thee Stallion shooting incident.

Tip has been extremely vocal about his support for Megan since the shooting took place in July. When asked about it, he said he feels Black women are the “most attacked, least protected, least defended, most vulnerable, and most exposed species on this Earth.”

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He continued, “I don’t know what the fuck happened. I know what she says happened, but I don’t know why it happened. But I know if it did happen, that’s everybody’s responsibility to make sure that this young lady feels supported and that she knows that the community and the culture is behind her. I think that’s important.

“I think that’s all of our obligation and responsibilities, not even as artists, or as rappers, or as executives in this business, but as men, as a Black man. We can’t allow nobody, myself included, to be out here goddamn letting off shots at women in bikinis. Now, I just have a problem with that.”

While Lanez told Tip he couldn’t divulge exactly what led to the shooting, he did claim the narrative being spread by the media isn’t accurate.

“I spoke to him and he said the shit didn’t happen like that,” Tip said. “I said, ‘Well, you need to be saying something, bruh. How did it happen?’ And he said he couldn’t say nothing about how it did actually happen. I told him I understood that. I said, ‘Man, you can’t expect nobody to ignore the facts that are being presented if you don’t have any other conclusive facts that can overturn these. You got to say something, bruh.’

“If you ain’t going to say nothing, you can’t expect nobody else to. I ain’t about to just shut up when you got facts out here that say it’s a woman been shot at the hands of another Black man within the culture. We’ve got to speak out on that. We’re the fuck n-ggas if we don’t.”

Megan initially didn’t identify Lanez as the triggerman but after getting mercilessly attacked online, she finally decided to out him during an Instagram Live session last month.

“I’m from the Southside — it ain’t like, ‘Let me go run and tell my business to the police, you know what I’m saying?” she said. “I ain’t never been that type of person. But, I’m not gonna let y’all keep playin’ in my face. And I’m not gonna let this bitch ass play in my face either.

“So, since you hoes so worried ’bout it, yes this n-gga Tory shot me. You shot me! And you got your publicist and your people going to these blogs lying and shit. Stop lying.”

Meanwhile, the former host of Quarantine Radio has gone radio silent. The Los Angeles Police Department is reportedly investigating his involvement in the incident. Adding insult to injury, the Canadian rapper is currently facing a lawsuit from Miami’s LIV Nightclub for an alleged beatdown last November.

T.I. Tells Tory Lanez He Needs To Speak Up Following Megan Thee Stallion’s Confession

Christopher Harty claims Lanez and his security detail assaulted him inside the club. Lanez allegedly threw some verbal shots at Harty before taking a swing and landing a punch. From there, the altercation escalated into Lanez’s security “punching, kicking and beating” Harty. He’s now suing Lanez for unspecified damages.

Source: Hip Hop DX