Lil Reese Snaps After He's Clowned For Selling Roughly 500 Units Of His 'Lamron 1' Project

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Album sales are typically a big topic of conversation — every rapper out there wants to top the Billboard 200 at some point in their career. But it seems like the “numbers” discussion is even more prevalent since Tekashi 6ix9ine started dragging his contemporaries over their low album sales (and we all know how TattleTales’ sales turned out).

On Sunday (September 19), Chicago native Lil Reese became the subject of ridicule after it was revealed his six-track Lamron 1 EP was projected to sell roughly 500 units. Yes, 500. As people started to clown the 27-year-old rapper the dismal sales, Reese took to Twitter to address all the chatter.

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“They stupid ass don’t know the difference between a mixtape which is free and a album,” he wrote. “I drop mixtape haven’t drop 1 album yet.”

Despite Reese’s attempt at a defense, the hits kept coming on Twitter. Reese has dropped several mixtapes over the course of his career, beginning with 2012’s Don’t Like. His latest, GetBackGang2, arrived in 2019.

Over the past year, Reese has found himself in some precarious situations. In November 2019, he was critically injured in a shooting but survived. However, he temporarily lost his voice as a result of the injury. In March, Reese was again criticized for a comment he made about the coronavirus.

“Chinese people nasty asl man got the whole [world] fuck up,” he tweeted. After Twitter suspended his account, Reese headed to Instagram and shared the official notification with the caption, “Lol Look how the Chinese people did my Twitter.”

Then last month, 6ix9ine shared a video of Reese allegedly defecating on himself as a way to promote TattleTales. 

Reese is now weathering an onslaught of jokes at his expense. Check out some of the reactions to his sales projections below.

Source: Hip Hop DX