Erykah Badu Delivers Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert's Newborn Baby On Their Bathroom Floor

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Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert welcomed their newborn baby girl on Sunday (September 6). The baby, who the couple named Rue Rose, was born on their bathroom floor without the assistance of a hospital — just like with their first child Junie.

The Brooklyn nets player announced the birth in an Instagram post.

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“At 3:28 am on Sept 6th 2020 Rue Rose decided that the baby shower thrown for her and mommy was too lit,” he wrote alongside a photo of Rue. “She didn’t make the party but she managed to make the next day her birthdate!!! Now…when we buy homes, we always find a bathroom with great energy… but not in a million years would you be able to tell me we’d deliver both of our daughters in a bathroom without the assistance of a hospital!

“Our newest edition entered the world in the water and came out looking around and ready to explore! A healthy child. A little sister. Another daughter. Black love wins….again. Welcome babygirl…we love you!”

The delivery was seemingly much smoother this time. Instead of dad unexpectedly doing the delivering, they had Erykah Badu in the role of doula. Badu shared an Instagram post with her 4.8 million followers on Labor Day (September 7) welcoming Rue to the world.

“Now that Rue Rose is here, time to charge up some baby shirts — let’s go,” she says in the clip. “I remember reading that Emoto said that human consciousness could affect the molecular structure of water. The intention could change the cellular patterns.

“Why not with words on shirts? Turning the shirt inside out and writing a message of calmness or peace or healing could do the same thing. I imagine that the cells mimic the intent of words, so I decided to charge it even more with the sunlight and crystals.”

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She added in the caption, “Welcome @babyruerose @teyanataylor @imanshumpert. They did that. Thank you both for allowing me to assist. Love, proud Badoula- aka ‘The welcoming Committee.’ Shine Rue !! (Film by e.B.).”

Badu discovered her passion for being a midwife and doula in 2001 while helping a friend through natural childbirth. In a 2015 interview with Pitchfork, she explained how she stumbled into it.

“I became a doula by default,” she said. “I had [son] Seven naturally, at home, and a couple of years later I was traveling through Europe, and one of my best friends Afya, who is the wife of from dead prez, went into labor. I naturally knew what to do, and it was then that I figured out that this was something I can do that makes me so fulfilled.”

Badu contributed to Taylor’s song “Lowkey” off her latest project The Album, which arrived in June.

Source: Hip Hop DX