Kanye West Named Highest Paid Male Celebrity In The World After Catching Arizona Lawsuit

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Life is a roller coaster — we take the good with the bad and keep it moving. On Wednesday (September 2), Forbes ranked Kanye West the “highest paid male celebrity in the world” after raking in $180 million over the past year. Ye celebrated the moment on Twitter with a tweet that read, “This a good start.”

That same day, it was reported an Arizona resident asked a judge to bar Ye from appearing on the state’s November 3 ballot, accusing him of being an “election spoiler.”

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Ye announced his intention to run in the 2020 presidential election on the Fourth of July, which many believed was all a plot to steal votes for his buddy Donald Trump. According to Billboard, Arizona resident Rasean Clayton has filed a lawsuit against Kanye to at least stop him from running in the Southwestern state.

Clayton’s lawyers filed the suit on Monday (September 1) and noted “independent presidential candidates can appear on Arizona’s ballot if they aren’t registered with a recognized political party and gather enough voter signatures to nominate them.” But because Kanye is also a registered Republican, Clayton’s attorneys say he isn’t qualified to be on the ballot at all.

“West will not be able to qualify for the ballot in enough states to muster enough electoral votes to prevail,” Clayton’s lawyers wrote. “West’s minimal interest in playing a spoiler candidate on Arizona’s ballot is not enough to outweigh the factors favoring emergency relief.”

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Kanye’s acting attorney in Arizona Tim LaSota described the lawsuit as a “last-ditch effort on the eve of the (signature filing deadline) to deprive voters of a choice.”

He also denied Kanye was trying to steal votes away from Democratic nominee Joe Bidden, saying, “That’s just political hyperbole. I don’t want to get into the politics of it. But obviously I think there is a lot to be achieved by someone else running for president.”

Ye has already qualified to appear on the ballot in states such as Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Tennessee and Utah. A Maricopa County judge is scheduled to hear arguments from both sides on Thursday (September 3) afternoon.

Source: Hip Hop DX