Dr. Dre’s Estranged Wife Seeks Access To His Business Records In $1B Divorce

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 Dr. Dre’s impending divorce appears to becoming increasingly more contentious as the couple battles over his $1 billion fortune. The Blast reports the Hip Hop mogul’s estranged wife Nicole Young now wants access to his business records, but Dre is adamant they’re none of her business.

According to new legal docs, Young has subpoenaed Dre’s longtime accountant for copies of all of his business and accounting records dating back 10 years. Dre is fighting that attempt, insisting they contain “private information.”

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Young previously claimed Dre ripped up their prenuptial agreement, making it null and void. Therefore, she believes any of his businesses launched after that are “community property.” Contrary to Young, Dre says the prenup is absolutely valid, and he refuses to give up his business records.

As Dre explained in the legal docs, “Throughout our marriage, I have maintained separate books and records regarding my separate property and my separate property business entities I object to the production of such documents which contain my private information as well as my confidential business information that involves third parties as well. For example‚ there is no basis for the production of my confidential employee employment records.”

Dre’s legal team said he’s preparing to turn over the couple’s joint tax returns for the same time period in an effort to pacify Young and her attorneys. Meanwhile, Dre’s accountant filed a declaration in the case and explained he’s maintained “separate books and records for [Dre] and each of his separate property business entities for the past two decades.”

“We prepared a separate retainer agreement for our representation of (Dre’s) separate property and separate business interests and another retainer agreement for our work for the parties in connection with one joint community property account, the preparation of joint income tax returns, and the payment of various living expenses for the parties,” the accountant said. “The documents requested span more than a decade and involve at least seven different sets of books and records.”

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Young might go to court and demand $1 million as soon as possible to “maintain the financial status quo” until further arrangements can be made. Even though the couple was married for 24 years, Dre’s lawyers argue that doesn’t mean she’s entitled to his private records.

“Although the marital relationship does narrow spouses’ privacy rights from one another, it is not obsolete,” the docs state. “(Dre) is entitled to some modicum of privacy, including information relating to his health.”

Young filed for divorce in July citing irreconcilable differences.

Source: Hip Hop DX