CashMoneyAP Disses SkinnyFromThe9's Comeback Single Following Shooting

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SkinnyFromThe9 is reliving the night he was shot in a brand new song.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday (August 9), the New Jersey rapper shared a snippet of his new song, asking fans to blow up the comments to expedite its release. In the video, Skinny is wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey while walking around on crutches, performing for the camera.

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“They thought that I died but I’m a survivor,” he raps. “They shot me two times but I’m stil ridin’ close.”

Many took to the comments to weigh in on Skinny’s first song since the shooting with producer CashMoneyAP offering the most stinging take of all.

“This ain’t it,” the Pop Smoke producer wrote.

On July 25, the New Jersey rapper took to Instagram shortly after he was shot after being involved in a shootout with multiple people. Although he was shot in the leg, he hypothesized what could have been in a subsequent post.

Skinnyfromthe9 Allegedly Shot — Goes Straight To Instagram

“You know I really hate the internet like I really hate you mindless/ sheep following the crowd ass people/ can’t have a mind of your own,” he wrote on his Instagram stories. “I got shot I really almost lost my life idgaf if it was just a ‘leg shot’ I coulda been paralyzed it coulda hit an artery I’m blessed by god.”

He’s since shared footage of his recovery in the hospital from undergoing physical therapy to being released and being able to return home on Thursday (August 6).

“Finally they let me out the hospital,” he wrote. “boutta be on crutches for a while …on the road to recovery can’t wait to be back to 100% don’t take life for granted & cherish the time you have with ya loved ones”

Source: Hip Hop DX