Rick Ross Offers 50 Cent A Hilarious Chicken Wing Business Proposal

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Rick Ross is willing to make peace with 50 Cent — but under very specific conditions.

The Miami rapper spoke with Billboard ahead of his Verzuz Instagram Live battle with 2 Chainz on Thursday (August 6) and following 50’s praise and intent to use Ross’ 2010 hit single “B.M.F.” for his upcoming STARZ Black Mafia Family series.

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“At some point, I think that has to play in the BMF series,” 50 said.

Ross told Billboard he would think about it but only if 50 did something for him.

“That’s most definitely a discussion I’ma have to have,” Ross said. “But him reaching out, I’ma profit off it. And that’s what it’s about with me. I told him that. He could go to Wingstop and take a picture of a 10-piece Lemon Pepper (wings) and while you at it, take a picture with a Black bottle (of Bellaire). And if he do that and post that, I’ma really consider clearing the “BMF” record for the show. Shoutout to Southwest T. So I would love to see the brothers shine, it’s not about Curtis Jackson at all.”

He added, “Tell him to take the picture with the Belaire bottle, hold it up and hold it up high. When I see it, tell him for the first time, I’m gonna come to his page and like the pic.”

The petty is just the latest in the war of words between the two longtime foes. Even after 50 gave props to “BMF,” he referred to Ross as “passive-aggressive” and said while he was a “talented writer,” he could never get over the fact that he was “a correctional officer.” The move comes only weeks after Ross gave props to 50 and his 2005 “Hate It Or Love It” collaboration with The Game.

“I liked how that nigga said his mama was kissing a girl,” Rozay noted. “That shit was hard.”

Rick Ross Praises Rival 50 Cent’s Bars From ‘Hate It Or Love It’

Elsewhere in Ross’ Billboard interview, he explained why he made it a mission to single out Terry Crews on his new song, “Pinned To The Cross.”

“When shit goes down, ain’t no time to explain yourself,” Ross said of the America’s Got Talent host. “You’re either running with us or running from us. That’s what it’s all about. It gotta be obvious. Him tiptoeing and moving the way he moves, I’m bringing it to light, and he can take it however he wanna take it, but I ain’t fucking with him.”

Source: Hip Hop DX