Noname Hit With Backlash After Seemingly Shading Beyoncé

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Noname’s views on capitalism and Black celebrity have come under fire once again.

The Chicago rapper/activist took to social media on Friday (July 31) to voice her displeasure with Black Is King, Beyoncé’s visual album for Disney+.

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“we love an african aesthetic draped in capitalism,” Noname wrote. “hope we remember the blk folks on the continent whose daily lives are impacted by u.s imperialism. if we can uplift the imagery i hope we can uplift those who will never be able to access it. black liberation is a global struggle”

The tweet comes weeks after Noname tweeted then deleted a post on June 29 regarding Beyoncé and civil rights activist Angela Davis. Noname wished Davis received the same amount of adulation as the Grammy Award-winning singer.

“i wish angela got the love beyonce gets,” she wrote.

Similar to that tweet, Beyoncé fans and others criticized Noname’s reaction to Black Is King.

One Twitter user wrote, “Imagine being Tiwa Savage, Busiswa, Moonchild, Shatta Wale, Connie Chiume, Trevor Stuurman, Mary Twala or any other African credited on #BlackIsKing and then Noname from the USA calls your work and storytelling “an African aesthetic draped in capitalism.”

Noname Deletes Tweet Comparing Beyoncé To Civil Rights Activist Angela Davis

Another person added, “Noname’s activism is starting to fall into talking over the very people you’re claiming to advocate for. A lot of Africans are reprimanding her but she’s so steadfast in being loud and wrong. & this is the case w a lot of AAs.”

Check out some of the reactions to Noname’s tweet below.

Source: Hip Hop DX