Fivio Foreign Explains The Origins Of His Name

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Fivio Foreign explained how he got his stage name in an interview with DJ Vlad. According to the Brooklyn-bred rapper, the moniker originated from a friend referring to him as the fashion model Fabio Lanzoni.

“My man Dot used to call me Fabio ’cause of how I used to have the bitches,” he told Vlad. “I used to have the bitches doing anything I want. I ain’t have all the bitches, but the bitches that I did have, they would ride for me. I never really got the bitches that I really, really wanted and I don’t think I got the bitches that I really, really– but the bitches that I got, they stuck [with] me.”

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He continued, “I had a couple of ’em. I had a couple of ’em doing shit, bringing weed over … So he’s like, ‘Yo, you’s a Fabio nigga.’ But I don’t know who Fabio is, so I think he’s gotta be saying Fivio. So I just put it in my name. I think I put on Facebook or some shit like [that].”

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Once Fivio realized who Fabio actually was, he thought the idea of being similar to the model was absurd. As a result, he came up with his own explanation for the name.

“I found out later on [about Fabio] like, ‘Damn this nigga’s crazy,’” he recalled. “But I started telling people, like making up my own saying for it. Like what Fivio mean? I’m just like, ‘Yeah, it’s Italian.’ I used to tell niggas it was Italian.”

Watch the interview with Fivio up top and take a look at the real Fabio below.

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