Fans Mercilessly Cancel Gillie Da Kid After He Screams 'All Lives Matter'

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Veteran rapper, alleged Lil Wayne ghostwriter and Barstool Sports podcaster Gillie Da Kid did himself no favors amongst his Hip Hop base when he decided to blurt out “All Lives Matter” without warning on Thursday (July 9).

The Philly representative decided to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement because he says his opinion is always being sought out.

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“So I keep getting the same questions: ‘Gillie, what don’t you give no game about Black Lives Matter?’” he huffed during opening of his social media announcement. “Because I don’t get into that shit, nigga. ALL lives matter, nigga. I don’t give a fuck if you white, black, blue, purple, brown, tangerine … nigga ALL lives matter. Y’all want a nigga to go out there head first and tell these muthafuckin’ white people ‘Black Lives Matter???’ But my Black life didn’t matter to the nigga that tried to execute me. To the nigga who shot me in my muthafuckin’ wrist, stomach and my foot. The nigga that tried to have my momma singing, ‘It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye.’ My Black life didn’t matter to that nigga! All the niggas I knew been shot by niggas!!!”

The official Black Lives Matter movement was created in 2013 by Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi as means to combat the dispropriate police brutality amongst Black American citizens and the lack of accountability when it comes to prosecuting law enforcement. Never has it been outlined or specified in their speech that Black lives are more important than any other ethnicities.

Catchphrases such as “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter” started being touted after the Black Lives Matter organization officially formed. Their slogans are widely considered pejoratives towards the movement and exist only to disrupt the fight for social justice. The official Black Lives Matter website has also repeatedly affirmed its stance adjacent to motives of outside agitators and casual supporters.

Statistic-gathering departments such as the Bureau of Justice consistently put out factual numbers showing crime is motivated by opportunity and proximity throughout segregated communities while sites like Reuters have been working around the clock to debunk false data that prop up the “black-on-black crime” narrative.

Yet, fact-checking was seemingly beneath Gillie during his rant.

“And what about my muthafuckin’ nieces and nephews who half-Black and half-White?” he continued. “Only 50 percent of their lives matter, nigga? And I understand the whole Black Lives movement … ‘we been oppressed … we been done wrong …’ Nigga, we do more wrong to each other, nigga. We do more wrong to each other than anybody.”

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Fans didn’t let his comments slide and boosted his name to the top of Twitter’s trending topics on Friday (July 10). Check their reactions below. It should be ample ammunition for the next episode of Million Dollaz Worth Of Game.

Source: Hip Hop DX