Cardi B Subpoenaed To Appear In Court Over Stylist's Lawsuit Against Migos

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Cardi B has been entangled in a lawsuit against Quavo, Takeoff and her husband Offset. According to Bossip, Cardi has been subpoenaed to appear in court for a deposition over a stylist claiming Migos didn’t pay for almost $80,000 worth of designer clothing

Stylist company Luka Lorena has accused Quavo, Takeoff and Migos’ manager Daniel Zook of breaching a contract by not reimbursing the company for luxury brand items purchased for the group. Offset was dragged into the suit for allegedly not providing information to allow the company to properly file taxes.

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The subpoena for Cardi will give Lorena’s lawyers a chance to question her in a deposition. She also must provide any messages exchanged with her husband, his fellow Migos members or their reps about Lorena from the past year and a half.

Offset Named In Stylist’s Lawsuit Against Quavo & Takeoff For Allegedly Stealing $80K In Clothing

Offset, Migos’ manager and a company called Lamar Business Services also received subpoenas. While they could be held in contempt of court if they don’t comply, Migos’ lawyer Justin Spizman downplayed the latest development in the case.

“We are in receipt of the various subpoenas filed by Ms. Lorena and intend to follow the court’s instructions and requirements related thereto,” Spizman told Bossip. “However, it appears a number of the subpoenas are related to uninterested parties and seem to be no more than a fishing expedition.”

Earlier this year, Lorena’s Alicia Allicock sued Migos for breach of contract, conversion and conspiracy to convert property. The company is seeking the alleged debt of $79,919.75 plus damages and attorney fees.

Source: Hip Hop DX