Akademiks Says Meek Mill Is Too Scared To Face Tekashi 6ix9ine & Quilly

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DJ Akademiks’ promise to stop posting Meek Mill on his Instagram account was short lived.

After the Everyday Struggle co-host engaged in an online beef with Freddie Gibbs earlier this week, Meek called for Akademiks to be “canceled” by the Hip Hop community. But the media personality wasn’t having it and quickly fired back, “You can’t cancel anyone.”

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Now, Akademiks has shared a video clip with his 3.1 million Instagram followers blasting the Dream Chasers boss, or as he calls him “Meek Mandela,” for essentially being a coward.

“@meekmill here’s my response to ur cancellation,” he announced in the caption. “Respond to @6ix9ine and @darealquilly questioning your CHARACTER. Before thinking bout tryna cancel someone else. You’re raps biggest hypocrite if u don’t. Until then we not hearing u #meekmandela.”

He elaborates in the video, “He clearly thinks he’s some authoritarian figure in Hip Hop. Let’s be very clear. You’ve been mad at me since I posted that an EP of yours flopped. You got super upset. You’ve been mad at me over the years, but it’s not because of me. It’s because you catch feelings because my comment section roasts you. I can’t do anything about that.”

He then adds the only reason Meek responded to him is because he’s afraid to respond to Tekashi 6ix9ine and Philly rapper Quilly who recently dissed Meek in a song.

It only gets more belligerent from there. Like 6ix9ine did last month, Akademiks brings up Meek’s perceived hypocrisy when it comes to working with “rats” or “snitches.”

“Your label Dream Chasers Records is on Roc Nation and Roc Nation’s CEO is a rat,” he continues.”They cooperated against two cartels. They were caught transporting 35 kilos of coke — they snitched on way more people than even 6ix9ine. You won’t address that … you bitch at everybody but your boss.

“You’re just a hypocrite. You fight for prison reform. Guess who the guy is next to you who you keep being so proud about? Robert Kraft. He’s an admitted Trump supporter who voted for Trump on his last term … I’m just saying bro, you’re a walking contradiction. You can’t decide if you wanna be a street nigga one minute or you wanna fight for prison reform the next. Your music glorifies all type of gangsta activity that helps actually put black men in jail.”

Akademiks To Meek Mill: ‘You Can’t Cancel Anyone’

Although Akadmiks ended his video by claiming to “love” Meek, he then shared Quilly’s verse dissing Meek.

“@meekmill u got all the time tryna cancel me tryna ignore @6ix9ine and @darealquilly calling u out in ya own city,” he wrote. “Make a song. Stop tweeting. Respond to rappers .. teaming up with 30 rappers tryna take down a blogger makes u look weak.”

Check out the clip below.

Source: Hip Hop DX