NBA Releases "Black Lives Matter" PSA Boosted By R&B Rookie Jac Ross

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The NBA continues to show its solidarity for the Black Lives Matter and the Hip Hop/R&B scene with its latest public service announcement.

For the league’s “The Truth is #BlackLivesMatter” montage, the clip showcases NBA players Giannis Antetokounmpo, Damien Lillard, Kyle Korver, Harrison Barnes, Jaylen Brown, Klay Thompson, Enes Kanter, Demar Derozan, Russell Westbrook, the Washington Wizards and more engaged in protests across the board.

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The powerful song behind the one-minute clip, titled “It’s O.K. To Be Black,” belongs to R&B newcomer Jac Ross, who recently inked a deal with Darkchild Records/Island Records in 2019.

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Hailing from Live Oak, Florida (a small town five hours north of Miami) and possessing soul-shattering vocals, the self-proclaimed “Faith Dealer” established his musical foundation was rooted in socially aware messages with Billboard back in January when he premiered the single “Questions” with the publication. His upcoming EP will debut on the aforementioned record labels.

Watch the NBA’s Black Lives Matter message up above. The visual for “It’s O.K. To Be Black” can be found below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX