Eminem Addresses REVOLT's Blatant 'Fuck You' Response After Wild Diss Track Leak

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Emimen has responded to REVOLT TV’s “Fuck You Too @Eminem” post, which arrived shortly after a leaked verse from Conway’s 2019 single “Bang” hit the internet. The song found Shady dissing both REVOLT and Joe Budden but according to Em, it wasn’t intended to be heard.

The diamond-selling MC hopes this negative situation can be turned into a positive one. On Wednesday (June 24), Em issued a statement via Twitter and explained his stance.

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“I agree with Revolt,” he begins. “This is an unnecessary distraction. I never meant for that verse to be heard, I was heated in the moment and thought better of it and decided to pull it back. Stuff that I never intended to release continues to leak from the huge WeTransfer hack. I don’t have any issues with Revolt. I’d actually welcome the opportunity to work with them on some positive things and turn this in a different direction.”

The leaked verse found its way online on Sunday (June 21). Em raps, “Yeah, shout to Puffy Combs, but fuck Revolt/Y’all are like a fucked up remote (Ha-ha)/Now I get it why our button’s broke/’Cause you press him but he don’t do nothing though (Damn it)/’Specially when it comes to punches thrown.”

He also takes shots at Budden with lines such as, “Wasted tissue, tell this journalist stick to the stuff he knows/Like always runnin’ from Migos/Here a mic, there a mic
Everywhere a mic, share and share alike/But just don’t compare alike/Instead of comparin’ me, pick a fair fight.”

Eminem Sprays Joe Budden & Diddy’s Revolt On Conway’s ‘Bang’ Outtake

Budden addressed the song on a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast and didn’t really take issue with it.

“This is an old verse,” he said. “Mal is right, you don’t get offended by old verses. And two, I don’t think anybody’s on that right now. I don’t think Em is on that, I don’t think my Slaughterhouse brothers is on that. I don’t think anybody is on that side right this second. I feel safe speaking on that, I won’t tell you why I feel safe speaking on that but I do.”

Revisit the song below.

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Source: Hip Hop DX