Azealia Banks Asks Ice Cube To Recover Her 'Stolen' Royalties From BIG3 Co-Founder

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Azealia Banks is hoping to get Ice Cube’s attention amid his Twitter spree of political memes and conspiracy theories. Banks has requested the N.W.A icon’s help after accusing his business partner and BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz of stealing her music royalties via social media on Monday (June 15).

“Hi @icecube,” she wrote via Twitter and reposted on Instagram. “This is Azealia Banks. thanks for this nod to my new single ‘Black Madonna ft Lex Luger’ on all platforms now. Your white manager Jeff Kwatinetz has stolen all of the royalties from my debut album and I was wondering if you could use your influence to get them for me?”

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Banks was formerly signed to Kwatinetz’s Prospect Park company. In a series of posts directed at Cube, she detailed her grievance over 2014’s Broke With Expensive Taste LP.

“I worked very hard on that album and Jeff wasn’t the person who paid for its production,” she wrote. “Universal did. Jeff purposely released an uncleared record acting as Manager & Label and has screwed me out of millions of dollars.”

The outspoken rapper, who’s no stranger to controversy, has approached Cube at a time when he’s become controversial again. The legendary MC has been accused of sharing Russian propaganda and anti-Semitic messages on Twitter, which led to him confirming his account wasn’t hacked.

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Last week, Royce Da 5’9 described the AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted creator’s social media behavior as him being “reactivated.” Now, Banks is hoping Cube will aim some of his fury at his own business partner.

“I see you are being very active in this election years Black Lives Matter antics and was hoping my black life and art mattered to you as well and you could get my much deserved royalties to me as soon as possible.” she wrote. “Again, my name is Azealia Banks, I’m an artist from NYC. Creator of an international anthem called ‘212.’ Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.”

Source: Hip Hop DX