TM88 Feels Confident 808 Mafia Could Beat Eardrummers In A Verzuz Battle

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Atlanta, GA – TM88‘s catalog is crazy; exactly the type that Hip Hop fans would love to see on an Instagram Verzus battle. In an exclusive conversation, HipHopDX talked to the producer about potential opponents, including going head-to-head with some of his dear friends and collaborators.

HipHopDX Since obviously you’ve produced for so many different people, who would you go one on one in a beat battle with? Or who would you want to beat battle?

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TM88: I don’t know. I don’t know. I got a lot of calls about doing the little producer beat battle thing. And I told them, “I’m not doing it unless it’s 808 Mafia.” Because I feel like you put together 808 Mafia, it’s bigger than us. So, if anybody want to go against 808 Mafia, we could do it.

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HipHopDX: So not just you, TM88, by yourself.

TM88: Nah, nah, nah. I’m straight. Because I feel like it’d be bigger if we go 808 Mafia, and really put the whole promotion behind it. And if anybody want to do that, we can go. However much money they want to put up, we can go.

HipHopDX: But do you have any producers in mind? Let’s say it’s not you. Let’s say it’s 808 Mafia versus somebody.

TM88: Oh, we go against anybody. Anybody. I’m cool with MikeWill [Mike WiLL Made-It] and them, everybody. But we can go against EarDrummers, anybody.

Source: Hip Hop DX