Machine Gun Kelly Hits L.A. Protests With 'Silence Is Betrayal' Sign

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Machine Gun Kelly is using his platform to speak out about racial injustices.

On Saturday (May 30), the Hotel Diablo mastermind was front and center in Los Angeles amid the George Floyd protests with a sign that read, “Silence is betrayal.” In a photo set he shared alongside other members of his crew – including fellow Cleveland rapper DubXX who held a sign that read “Not a thug” – MGK kept his message short but clear.

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“Justice soon,” he wrote with a heart emoji and the fist emoji in various skin tones.

The rapper/actor’s in-house producer SlimXX shared the images as well, adding, “You WILL feel us.”

Just after Floyd was killed by police on May 25, MGK denounced both cops and the system in a tweet.

“Fuck the Boyz,” he wrote with a cop car and middle finger emoji. “I’m ashamed someone who looks like me could treat another human like this, but they been doing it since the beginning of time. our generation has be the one’s to stop it. my loyalty’s with the people. fuck the system. fight the system.”

When a white fan responded to the post saying they’d be deleting his albums because of The Dirt star’s anti-cop stance, MGK couldn’t be any less unapologetic.

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“good, i don’t want your racist money,” he responded.

Other rappers have been spotted out protesting as well, including Tyler, The Creator and J. Cole.

Source: Hip Hop DX