NLE Choppa Goes Off On Ex In Twitter Rant: 'Can I At Least Know The Name Of My Baby?'

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NLE Choppa has lashed out his ex-girlfriend Mariah via social media, chastising her for not keeping him informed about their soon-to-be-born child. As the baby’s due date (July 10) approaches, the Warner Records artist claimed his ex won’t tell him the name picked out for their daughter.

“Damn can I at least know the name of my baby ?” he wrote via Twitter.

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After sending out the initial question on Tuesday (May 26), Choppa continued to air out his ex in subsequent posts on Wednesday (May 27).

“I believe in right or wrong,” he declared in a since-deleted tweet. “If a MF think it’s right to not keep them updated on they child y’all slow asf Face with tears of joy ion care who I shot at just know every action got a reaction and iSTG every situation I’m the reaction I just act a lil mo violent. But aye fucc ha finna got for #2.”

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At one point in his rant, the 17-year-old rapper accused Mariah of previously wanting an abortion.

“But aye since yo selfish ass wanna keep a baby yeen even wanna keep, KEEP IT POOOH POOH,” he wrote. “Folks deceive me as the bad person but in reality I wanted my baby to help me learn to love myself. Wanted a boy but God blessed me with a girl to learn to respect women more, shit fucced up.”

Following Choppa’s diatribe, his ex responded with her own series of tweets.

“a mf ain’t been worried bout MY daughter so don’t worry bout her now,” she explained. “don’t do shit but come on this internet shit disrespecting me so bitch you a outsider like everybody else. a hoe gone find out my baby name when everybody else do foh.”

She added, “hoe BEEN to ONE doctors appointment and kept tryna leave to go play basketball. only showed up cause y’all was on his ass bout him not coming to the gender reveal. don’t do shit for me. don’t even check to make sure my daughter healthy. love starting shit.”

Mariah also defended not telling Choppa what their daughter’s name will be.

“how is not telling him her name keeping him from her?” she asked. “y’all hoes sound dumb asf. he not gone do shit but leak it or come on twitter acting like he do shit for me. i’m straighttttttt.”

She capped off her rant by contending Choppa was merely posturing for social media.

“mf check twitter more than he check on his ‘daughter’ but try to come on twitter like he ‘super dad’ and really gaf bout her,” she noted.

Choppa and his ex broke up during the final months of 2019. Last December, Mariah confirmed she was pregnant with his child.

Source: Hip Hop DX