Rich The Kid Cussed Out For Standing On Rented Lamborghini

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Long Island, New York – Rich The Kid‘s latest music video shoot may have resulted in some pricey property damage.

According to TMZ, Rich had the grand idea to have multiple Lamborghinis involved for a shoot in Long Island, New York.

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Irina Pichkhadze, known in the car world as the Queen of Exotics, brought two Lambos that belong to her to the shoot. Rich decided to rent a third Lambo and a friend of Irina brought the fourth vehicle o the shoot. Each car has a $600K price tag attached to them.

The good idea turned into a disaster due to a number of issues. First, the videographer for the shoot did not show up. Then, as the BOSS MAN rapper decided to jump on the hood of one of the Lambos, Pichkhadze launched into a profanity-filled tirade at him.

“Oh my God, you ugly ass motherfuckin’ scumbag piece of shit worthless … get the fuck off my car you worthless piece of shit!” Pichkhadze yelled. “You fucking scumbag, who the fuck do you think you are standing on the top of my car like that?”

It is unclear whether or not Rich damaged the hood. Pichkhadze told TMZ that she’s “scared” to see if its dented or not.

Rich The Kid Challenges Tekashi 6ix9ine To Jewelry Stunt Battle

Rich has been using quarantine as a way to continue living life to the fullest. He’s struck up a feud with Tekashi 6ix9ine after he was spotted with the rainbow color-haired rapper’s ex, Sara Molina. Future chimed in on the matter at hand, referring to Molina as a “prop” and said he was “proud” of Rich for his actions.

Rich saluted Future by stepping out in a “She Belongs To The Streets,” t-shirt, one of Future’s favorite slogans.

Source: Hip Hop DX